By Paulo Faifman Morete
General Manager and CEO

Surely 2018 will be a very special year for all of ARIM’s employees, the year we are 30 years old !!
Nowadays, according to some market statistics, about 60% of the companies do not survive more than 5 years since its creation and in approximately 70% of the family companies do not reach the 2nd generation !!
Against this trend is ARIM Componentes. Founded in 1988 by a born entrepreneur and full-time salesman, Hermes Morete, the company reaches the age of 30 with a lot of battle, dedication, ethics, integrity, respect and love for what we do. The years of 2018 should be a year of great pride for all of us, who have somehow contributed to this long journey.
In the next editorials I will highlight the characteristics of long-term companies and professionals who are successful and recognized by the market. I will initiate CONSTANCE / PERSISTENCE. Successful companies can not slow down, can not fail, need to be developing people, products and processes at all times. We have to stand firm and motivated not to let the market swallow us. This characteristic is also common in successful professionals. Constant learning, overcoming challenges and discomfort in the “comfort zone”. They also
tired, like any human being, but persist. They remain constantly motivated, whether by their leaders or self-motivating.
I am of the opinion that there are very few skills that we inherit from our parents or as they say it is in our DNA. The vast majority of these characteristics, which set us apart from others, we have developed during our lives. They say practice leads to perfection. Perfection I do not guarantee, but certainly to evolution.
We have our goals and we know the challenges that will not be easy. Many will try but only the persistent
they will. There is a Chinese proverb much quoted by high-performance athletes that we can highlight in this issue: “Train while they sleep, study while they have fun, persist while they rest, and then, live what they dream.”

Good job to all and a great 2018!