Technological solutions to control the flow of gas for cooking and for die cast and machining of aluminium and zamak.

ARIM has dedicated to developing and supplying our clients with components, gas taps, safety valves and connections in zinc alloy, for gas systems appliances, cooking equipments and household cookers.

The high quality of our processes and products, fast services, great technical ability of our team and the constant investment in new technologies, have provided to our customers and suppliers, the credibility and confidence to develop new business.

Today ARIM, in a partnership with our clients from some sectors in Brazil and Latin America, develops whole solutions on die casting of components of zinc alloy and aluminum, from product design, tools design, development, construction and maintenance, to finishing , machining techniques and mounts, providing highly competitive services.



Developing, manufacturing and commercializing technological solutions for flow control of gas for cooking and for die casting and machining of Aluminium and Zamak acting globally.


Achieving leadership in the Americas in providing technology solutions to control the flow of gas for cooking and be preferred supplier of technology solutions for die casting and machining of Aluminium and Zamak.


Respect for human being
Continuous development of people, products and processes
Aversion to waste
Commitment to deadlines and results with customers and partners
Total quality
Integration between teams
Social and Environmental Responsibility

OUR QUALITY POLICY To guarantee the quality and safety standards of the product required by the customers and markets in which Arim operates, building the positive image of the company and its brands, fulfilling the Mission, focused on Vision and respecting the Values ​​of the organization.

In a total area of 20.000m ², we have our plant dedicated to the development and Lean manufacturing, supported on the tripod of social and environmental responsibility, quality and total aversion to waste, always seeking continuous improvement. In 2011 we will complete another cycle of development with the ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001. The infrastructure of the factory is prepared to act in the segments , as described below:


  • 12 aluminum injection of 180 to 630 tons
  • 9 presses
  • 5 CNC lathes
  • 5 machining centers ( 3-axis )
  • 3 machining centers with 4th axis ( 2 Fanuc )
  • 1 jet shot
  • 2 rotary tamboreadores
  • 1 vibradeira


  • 30 zamac injection of 5 to 130 tons
  • 2 presses
  • 2 washing systems and automatic drying
  • 3 circular tamboreadores
  • 2 parallel tamboreadores


  • 6 generators




  • 1 5 -axis machining center ( high speed machine )
  • 6 milling machines
  • 1 CNC
  • 3 lathes
  • 3 grinding machines
  • 4 EDM equipment ( penetration)
  • 1 durometer


  • 1 spectrometer
  • 1 3D measuring machine
  • 2 profile projectors
  • 1 beat measuring machine and circularity
  • 1 profile meter
  • 3 stereo microscopes
  • 3 greenhouses to the test temperature
  • 1 equipment hydrostatic test
  • 1 elasticômetro
  • 1 carbon probe
  • 1 test stand Trihedron